Top 10 Travel Destinations and Their Healthcare

Top 10 Travel Destinations and Their Healthcare

In the even of an emergency while travelling, are you prepared. The top 10 travel destinations and their health care systems.
Many of us when we are planning our trips think about all the glamorous aspects of the vacation. Proximity to the beach, bars, restaurants, tourist attractions, parks, transportation. But the one thing that we should be paying a little bit more attention to, is where are the nearest hospitals to where we are staying.
This would hold true for anyone, any age, any health status, because an emergency is just that. An event that occurred but was not expected.
Being prepared for your trip will reduce the stress and panic that would ensue if you were faced with one of these unpredictable events.
1. Make sure you have the emergency number for the country you are visiting.
2. Determine if they have an ambulance service
3. Find out where the closest health care facility is, and what kind of care do they provide
4. Have the emergency number for your travel insurance plan accessible.
5. Keep all your medical and travel documents together for easy access.
6. Also make copies and keep on your device and a copy with someone at home.

Wishing you all a safe and uneventful trip.

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