The Most Underrated Travel Destinations – The Road Less Traveled

Travel is about exploration, something that’s been forgotten by many in this day and age. The average vacationer tends to pick from the same range of popular destinations precisely because they’ve lost that sense of adventure – it’s better to go with the safe option right?

Okay, I can concede that visiting New York or Paris makes for a great selfie and is on many people’s travel-bucket lists as “must-visit” destinations, but that kind of thinking proves my point. Exploration is about going down the road less traveled, to find experiences that are not the norm. That’s something you can’t do visiting the “cool places” where everyone goes, since the fact that so many people are doing the same thing as you are negates it from being a unique experience. Therefore, wouldn’t it be better to have an experience, which is unique to you, in a beautiful city that isn’t overrun by tourists or overpriced trinkets that you will never use? If your answer is yes then this video is just for you…

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