The Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations In The World!

The Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations In The World!

The Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations In The World! Travel is one of the best things to do to refresh the souls. The sights and people you meet are often so wonderful that they leave a mark on you forever. And yet, there are a few places which could indeed be the last place you ever go because they are pretty dangerous! Here is a list of them!

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Danakil Desert.
When you step onto the Danakil desert, you would be forgiven for thinking that hell would pretty much look like that. Relentless temperatures, wastelands of salt and weirdly colored rocks are all you see here.

Mount Washington.
When you earn the reputation of being one of the most dangerous hikes in the world, there must be something pretty dangerous right?

Mount Huashan.
Looking at pictures of a person crossing a narrow plank over 2000 feet in the air may be enticing, but it is actually very far away from alluring! Known as the world’s most dangerous hike, Mount Huashan is one of the 5 sacred mountains in China

Death Valley.
Well they might say what’s in a name, but when the name says Death Valley, you really wouldn’t want to visit would you?

Madidi National Park.
Located in the Upper Amazon river basin in Bolivia, the Madidi national park is as close to a jungle paradise as it could possibly come to.

Valley of death of the Kamchatka peninsula.
Here’s another ominous sounding name! Officially known as Kamchatka peninsula, the valley of death is located in Russia and is perhaps one of the deadliest places that man has ever set foot onto.

Elephant Kingdom.
We always love to do off beat things when travelling. But well, some amount of sense still prevails. But all bets were off when it came to the Elephant Kingdom Park in Thailand.

Snake Island.
If you like snakes, you will probably love it. But if like most of us you dread snakes, then this island in Brazil is an absolute nightmare.

Sinabung Volcano.
On the Indonesian island of Sumatra, there is a beautiful mountain which people love to visit called Sinabung mountain.

Death Road.
When a road is called the Death road and the road of fate, you can pretty much assume that it is extremely dangerous.

Colorado River.
Flowing through Colorado, Utah, Nevada and Arizona, the Colorado river is 1450 miles long and even flows through the Grand canyon.

New Smyrna Beach, Florida.
Well, as far as beaches go, it is one of the prettiest. But then, the visitors to the beach are not just human.

Trolltunga, or troll’s tongue is one of the most famous tourist sites in Norway. Overlooking the beautiful Ringedalsvatnet lake at a height of over 700 metres, the lake forms a breathtaking sight!

Well, to tell you the truth , this is a rather stupid tourist destination! After all, there was a major nuclear disaster here and the radiation fallouts from the explosion are still present.

Running of the Bulls.
Well this is not really a place than a festival, but Pamplona in Spain is definitely one of the most dangerous places you could choose to visit when the festival is going on. The eight day festival began in the 14th century to honor St.

¡Los destinos turísticos más peligrosos del mundo! Viajar es una de las mejores cosas para refrescar las almas. Las vistas y las personas que conoces a menudo son tan maravillosas que te dejan una marca para siempre. Y, sin embargo, hay algunos lugares que de hecho podrían ser el último lugar al que vas porque son bastante peligrosos. ¡Aquí hay una lista de ellos!

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