QVI Club Holiday by QNET “Top Travel Destinations in the World”

QVI Club Holiday by QNET “Top Travel Destinations in the World”

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QVI Club Memberships will take the opportunity to visit the Top Travel Destinations in the World !

The driving passion and motivation has always been to help QVI Club members uncover an exciting world of travel choices. QVI Club opens the door for you to explore the world and experience first-hand the beauty of different cultures, traditions and ways of life — and always at affordable prices.

With QVI Club, discover the immeasurable satisfaction of owning your vacation. QVI Club offers a selection of vacation products that includes holiday memberships for up to 30 years, access to XchangeWorld with a list of nearly 3,000 resorts worldwide, and special holiday packages. All our products aim to bring you unforgettable travel memories from a variety of resorts throughout your membership. You can choose to make your vacation as adventurous or as relaxing as you want it to be. QVI Club can take you there without worries. This is what vacation ownership is really all about: fun, flexibility and long-term value.

What do you get? Great vacations for up to 30 years at today’s prices The ability to transfer ownership to children, grandchildren and loved ones The option to share or loan your vacation membership to family, friends and associates An exclusive selection of QVI Club Home Resorts and Limited Collection Resorts An exclusive membership to XchangeWorld that will take you to exciting destinations worldwide

QVI Best Vacation in the World: In these vacation spots, visitor can enjoy tropical beaches, extreme adventures, the wonders of nature and delicious food. Thousands of tourists have made QVI their top travel choice throughout the world.

QVI is ranked first in the top 10 most popular agencies for adventure tourism according to the US magazine International Business Times. Tourists can enjoy variety of adventure sport options like rafting, hiking, climbing, cycling, and others. A survey was given to travel guides from the well-known agency, Virtuoso, a television network promoting luxury vacation spots in the Americas, the Caribbean, New Zealand, and Australia.
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