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10 The Green Goldstream in Victoria

Alright so first up on today’s list we have a very unique situation that occurred a few years ago in Goldstream Park in Victoria. Before we get into the weird color situation going on in this river, if you didn’t know – thee Goldstream Park is a wonderful place for vacations, as it offers an abundant amount of family friendly activities. For starters, it has beautiful hiking trails that lead to waterfalls, trestles and other fabulous sights. The river is also a great place to watch the fall salmon fun – where hundreds of salmon migrate, lending to some really fantastic natural scenery. Anyway, check out this river. Does anyone notice anything weird about it? If you don’t, I’ll just say – please, go get your eyes checked because you MAY just be colorblind. Haha, but if you do have perfect vision then you can probably notice that this river is a weird, bright green color. Why do you think that is? Well, some have suggested that – of course – it must be some kind of chemicals that spilled in the water.

9 Seljalandsfoss

Alright moving things right along, this next clip is of a place that’s extremely beautiful but has a very, very complicated name. Lemme give it a whirl. Sefiloc -… wait, I mean – say la do re me…. Wait, ok here we go. Seljandsfoss. I got it! Now that we’ve got that down, who knows where the heck this is? Well, if you didn’t know, Selj – well, whatever it’s called – is considered to be one of the top 10 most beautiful places in the world by dozens of websites and travel channels. Located in Iceland, the real attraction here are the beautiful waterfalls the inhabit this special piece of land. These falls stem from a river that branches off of a volcanic glacier, and fall over 197 feet! The landscape surrounding the rivers and falls are especially beautiful.

8 Savannah, Georgia

Alright moving things right along today, our next stop will be in one of my personal favorite American cities – Savannah, Georgia. If you can deal with a bit of humid weather, especially in the summer months, then this is a perfect place for you to vacation in, catch up on your relaxation time, and squeeze in some historic sightseeing – all in just a few days. Oh, and did I mention that the Atlantic ocean is close enough to smell the salt from anywhere in the city? While Jones Street will provide you sights of old houses and mansions that you just don’t see much anymore, you can find gigantic, beautiful weeping willow trees all throughout the town. And while all that’s fine and good -the food here is absolutely exquisite.

7 Matera, Italy

Let’s move things right along today as we’ll take a break from the United States for just a bit and visit Matera, Italy. Known as the European Capital City of Culture in 2018, this town is rich in culture and history. In some of the earliest human settlements in Italy, the Sassi houses were dug out from pure rock and used to be considered a sense of shame for this beautiful area. Now, though, these ancient dwellings are considered some of their countries most protected history. Ancient churches and Cathedrals are also a special tourist destination, along with the traditional Italian cuisine!

6 Agra, India
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