Kiteboarding Travel Guide: Viana Do Catelo, Portugal – Destinations EP 14

Kiteboarding Travel Guide: Viana Do Catelo, Portugal – Destinations EP 14

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Additional footage provided by:
Luke McGillewie. and Portugal Active
Special thanks to Vianalocals and Viana Beach Center

Kiteboarding in Europe can be an intimidating experience… but every once in a while you stumble upon a spot that feels like home. There is a small, fairy tale city in Northern Portugal with a kite spot that will make your jaw drop. In today’s edition, we’re checking out Viana do Castelo, Portugal.

Arriving at this spot is like unwrapping a present. Every step closer to the beach gets that much more exciting. Park, grab your gear, and follow the wooden boardwalk through the nature reserve. The kites floating up in the air mark the beautiful Viana Beach Center. And as you step over the sand dunes… the most beautiful little bay.

That’s only part of the package. The city of Viana do Castelo is like something out of a story book. The people are warm… The food is delicious… And wandering the old city streets is like walking through a history book and a fairy tale at the same time.

This hidden gem is teetering on the edge of becoming a kiteboarding hotspot. Viana do Castelo is a must visit for kiters making the trip to Europe.

Here’s everything you need to know about this kite spot followed by everything you need to know before you go!

Created by Crystal Veness and Ryan (Rygo) Goloversic

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