Kiteboarding Travel Guide: Sherman Island, CA – Destinations EP 15

Kiteboarding Travel Guide: Sherman Island, CA – Destinations EP 15

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You know those kite spots that you hear about over and over from friends that have been and can’t stop raving about it?! In today’s edition, we’re covering one of those spots. In the Northern California Delta is a kite spot whose reputation precedes itself; Sherman Island.

Only an hour from the busy Bay Area city of San Francisco is a kite spot where the wind blows throughout the summer. This unique kite destination is as much about the quality wind and flatwater as it is about the vibrant community.

Sherman island is a favourite escape amongst the San Francisco kiteboarding community, but there’s plenty of good vibes to go around for the visiting kiteboarder. This guide will be short and sweet, because this small kite locale can only be described in a few words – the rest of the story will happen when you’re on the spot!

Here’s everything you need to know about kiteboarding in Sherman Island followed by a few travel tips to plan your trip.

Drone footage provided by:
Tom Kittiphanh
Luke McGillewie.

Created by Crystal Veness and Ryan (Rygo) Goloversic

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