Cheap Travel Destinations: 5 Budget Destinations for Summer Vacation in South Africa 2015

Cheap Travel Destinations: 5 Budget Destinations for Summer Vacation in South Africa 2015

Cheap Travel Destinations: 5 Popular and Budget Destinations for Summer Vacation in South Africa 2015

1) Travel tips in Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town is deservedly recognized as one of the most beautiful cities not only in Africa, but around the world. The mild climate is pleasant, fine cuisine, original architecture and different attractions has always attracted tourists from around the world literally. Street jazz bands, a variety of restaurants and shops, a string of luxury convertibles, salty sea breeze, the bright sun and the open smiles of citizens – all this gives the city a completely unique flavor. Despite the fact that Cape Town is an African city, it has had a significant influence Western European culture, and because of this familiarity with the exhilarating Africa takes place in a familiar environment.

2) Africa travel – Tunisia

Tunisia, recently listed among Lonely Planet’s best value travel destinations for 2015 has African appeal and gems without excessive price tags. Home to the renowned Medina of Tunis, Tunisia has a number of landmarks and is always buzzing with things to do. Hotels and restaurants charge a pretty penny for accommodation and food. You can get a nice hotel room for less than $30, a delicious meal and beer for less than $10. The country has a collection of historical places to visit free of charge or with minimal entrance fees. If you love shopping, you should visit the souks and bazaar shops. If you are a bargain hunter, you will definitely love Tunisia.

3 ) How to travel cheap in summer vacation in The Gambia

Gambia is known to be the one of the smallest countries in Africa. Many travellers visit the country to explore its local music scene, to see the historic slave towns, to frolic in the balmy water and get a utopian tan. The destination caters to budget travellers; you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on food and accommodation. You can get a delicious meal and a bottle of local or international beer for less than $10 while you can get a stylish hotel room facing the ocean for about $30 per night. The Gambia offers visitors an opportunity to relax in their world.

Off the coast of the Indian Ocean, east of Kenya, it is a most unusual and ancient spa town – Lamu. Among the mangroves, where absolutely no cars, intertwined narrow streets of this place lost in time. In Lamu there is no house number and exact address, but there is a gorgeous beaches, unusual nature, fine restaurants and comfortable accommodation. Tourists come here for peace and quiet, peaceful respite from the hustle and civilization.

4) Africa Vacation in Lamu, Kenya

Lamu – the oldest port city, where first established nations Swahili. They are descendants of natives coastline, population of the islands of Pemba, Zanzibar and Mafia. The unique features of their culture preserved in Lamu to the present day. Progress is only slightly touched the life of the city and gave him the most important acquisitions, such as telecommunications, internet network, electricity and other paramount its benefits. Currently the city is under UNESCO protection.

The best way Lamu suitable for a romantic trip, honeymoon, relaxing in solitude.

5 ) Fez, Morocco

Another place for a holiday tour is the ancient city of Fez, which for tens of centuries to build a culture of Morocco.

Budget Travel in Fez: A stay here is those who is indifferent to the beaches, tolerates heat, likes history and donkeys. Yes, quadrupeds are the main means of transportation around the city, as with motor vehicles is prohibited. Palaces, minarets, markets with local products and relatively low prices attract tourists from Europe, but our compatriots in Fez rare visitors. And not only that Russian prefer a beach holiday, but also that the direct flights to Fes, and we do not have to fly with a connection in London, Milan or Paris.

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