Bucket List Travel Destinations

Bucket List Travel Destinations

So, I finally took the time to make a list of all the places in the entire world I want to see. I know this list is pretty ambitious, but truly if money were no object, I would spend the rest of my 20’s visiting all of these beautiful places the world has to offer. Thank you for watching!

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The camera gear I use:
My main camera https://goo.gl/uBVwM1
Bluetooth Remote with Tripod https://goo.gl/21kLKt
At home lighting kit https://goo.gl/ybCif9
Camera Stabilizer https://goo.gl/cQY7VX
Reflectors https://goo.gl/NJj69H
Reflector Clip & Tripod https://goo.gl/TgNECM

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