17 Tourist Attractions in Gothenburg, Sweden Travel Guide | Travel Destinations

17 Tourist Attractions in Gothenburg, Sweden Travel Guide | Travel Destinations

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In recent years, Gothenburg and the West Coast have become a top spot for foodies. World-class seafood, award-winning restaurants, and a magnificent coastline are drawing international visitors in ever-increasing numbers. Gothenburg, or as it’s known in Sweden, Göteborg, is the country’s second city, yet very different in character to its faraway big brother, Stockholm.

1. Feskekörka (The Fish Market) – The market is stocked with all kinds of wonderful fish and shellfish and well worth a visit
2. Haga – One of the oldest neighbourhoods in Gothenburg
3. Museum of Fine Art (Goteborgs Konstmuseum) – The amazing collection of Nordic artists was truly inspiring to see and the museum itself has a beautiful building and a very beautiful layout
4. Liseberg Amusement Park – What an amazing place! Come during the Christmas time and it is magical.
5. Magasin Kvarteret (The Shopping Quarter)
6. Älvsborg Fortress – a large sea fortress in Rivö fjord within modern Gothenburg, Sweden
7. Skansen Kronan – Great place to get an overview of the city and take some photos. It is near the haga area where you can find delicious treats.
8. The Southern Archipelago – This island is a treat for everyone. The beaches were gorgeous!
9. The Garden Society (Trädgårdsföreningen) – A most beautiful place and gem, a calm haven of fine esthetics for those who wish to get away from the city
10. Natural History Museum – If you visit Gothenburg city, you should immediately come to this place. Very cozy atmosphere.
11. City Museum (Goteborgs Stadsmuseum) – A surprisingly interesting museum with rich medieval treasures.
12. Botanical Garden – Very beautiful park
13. Goteborg Opera – Good place to listen to music
14. Volvo Museum – Excellent museum for any Volvo fan
15. Aeroseum – The museum shows you many different planes and tries to teach you about Sweden’s military and the Cold War.
16. Slottsskogen gothenburg – A very nice, relaxing park
17. Universeum Science Center – This place is quite interesting with a mix of science displays/activities & animals.


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17 Tourist Attractions in Gothenburg, Sweden Travel Guide | Travel Destinations

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