14 Top Rated – Best Tourist Attractions in Ottawa, Canada

1. Parliament Hill – Clean, open to public. Great annual lights event that presents Canada. Run spring to fall. Tours can be

arranged For those looking for tours please check in advance.
2. Rideau Canal – If you like water, greenery and trails this place is for you. In winter this is world’s largest ice rink

and free.
3. Canadian Tulip Festival – Very beautiful. One of best views to see so many flowers in their full bloom. They could have

had more food variety and stalls.
4. National Gallery of Canada – The architecture is simply stunning – you can see Parliament through the windows on the

second floor, there’s lots of light, an indoor pond and even an indoor courtyard.
5. Canadian War Museum – What an incredible museum! So many authentic pieces of history.
6. Fête du Canada (Canada Day) – is the national day of Canada.
7. Lower Town – Located down below the main city and right on the majestic St. Lawrence River, this almost looks too good to

be real. Quaint streets and old stone buildings abound. Mostly shopping and a few very good (but touristy) restaurants, plus

some nice views looking back up at the Chateau and city. An easy walk down but take the funicular back up if you don’t want

to walk.
8. Upper Town – The real thing. Old buildings with lots of history.
9. Dows Lake Pavilion – Great place to bring kids fishing. The docks produce plenty of bluegills, crappies, perch, and

catfish. The pavilion offers a great view of the lake and is a nice place for weddings. In the winter, a perfect place to

10. Canada Aviation and Space Museum – If you love aircrafts of all types and mechanical interested then this is it. Aircraft

from different eras on display. Handicapped accessible, parking and accessories were readily available for those needed to

come to view all the displays. It is for all ages to spend quality time with the family and have fun while learning the

evolution of aviation.
11. Diefenbunker, Canada’s Cold War Museum – This is just outside Ottawa, but it is worth the drive! Take the tour versus the

self-guided tour because it would be easy to get lost in the never ending hallways. Plus, the tour guides are all volunteers

and truly love this place and give you great anecdotes and history snapshots. Really fascinating to tour an authentic bunker

and learn how they were prepared for doomsday scenarios.
12. Canadian Museum of Nature – A good museum with a variety of attractions. There are two distinct areas on each of the

above ground floors, mostly permanent exhibits with one temporary exhibit.
13. RCMP Musical Ride Centre – Great spot to visit, Amazing horses. Any one who loves horses will enjoy this trip. The horses

are absolutely beautiful.
14. National Archives of Canada – Building does look gloomy. Very nice exhibition during open doors.

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14 Top Rated – Best Tourist Attractions in Ottawa, Canada

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