12 TOP RATED – Best Tourist Attractions in Turkey

12 TOP RATED – Best Tourist Attractions in Turkey

12 Top Rated – Best Tourist Attractions in Turkey

1. Aya Sofya – Beautiful Museum! Hagia Sophia was first constructed as a Church and was then converted into a Mosque.
2. Ephesus – A must visit place in Turkey itinerary. Rich in history with most parts of the greeko-roman city been

excavated. House of Virgin Mary, mosque etc are all wonderful.
3. Cappadocia – Area in Central Anatolia in Turkey best known for its unique moon-like landscape, underground cities, cave

churches and houses carved in the rocks.
4. Topkapi Palace – It is very interesting place! Huge! Many interesting details. Maps and signs are good, well secured

5. Pamukkale – Amazing place to visit. The water was spectacular and the water quality was superb.
6. Sumela Monastery – What an impressive structure. Very secluded place at high mountains hidden in forest. It is definitely

worth visiting.
7. Mount Nemrut – Wonderous, avoid weekends for sunset or sunrise. Mount Nemrut has structures of the beheaded gods on both

the sides – the east with better lighting during Sunrise and the west with better lighting during Sunset.
8. Ani Ghost City – a ruined medieval Armenian city now situated in Turkey’s province of Kars.
9. Aspendos – Very well preserved theatre. A walk up the hillside behind the theatre gives a great view.
10. Cruising the Mediterranean – Cruising on a yacht is the number one activity for visitors to Bodrum and Fethiye for good

11. Pergamum – a rich and powerful ancient Greek city in Aeolis.
12. Ölüdeniz – an absolutely beautiful place, the views, scenery and and beaches are breathtaking.

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12 Top Rated – Best Tourist Attractions in Turkey

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