10 Best Places to Travel in the World & 20K Subscriber Celebration!

10 Best Places to Travel in the World & 20K Subscriber Celebration!

My top 10 favorite travel destinations. As a very frequent traveler, I am often asked “Where is your favorite place to travel?” I’ll tell you my top 10 favorite places to travel in the world, categorized by my top three in Asia, Europe, and the US. EXPAND DESCRIPTION FOR FULL LIST! It’s also my 20,000 subscriber celebration!

1. Japan
2. Singapore
3. Hong Kong
Honorable Mention: Taiwan

Intermission and 20,000 Subscriber Celebration:
20,000 Subscribers crossed on August 2017
10,000 Subscribers in July 2016
8.5 Million Total Views
Geographic Breakdown: 41% US, 6% Australia, 6% Canada, 5% Singapore, 5% India, 5% UK, 3% Phillipines, 3% Japan

1. Austria (Vienna)
2. Italy (Rome)
3. Czech Republic (Prague)
Honorable Mention: Portugal

1. Los Angeles (Side trips to Vegas, and San Diego)
2. New York, New York
3. Washington DC
And finally…. Hawaii!

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